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Contact: Irwan Ambak
Tel: 010-2662778
Web: http://1APP.my  Email: play@1APP.my
Date: 28/12/2015
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Social App to Empower the ‘Rakyat’
in Democracy & Politics

PUTRAJAYA: Plans for a new political mobile app called “1APP”—One app for Absolute Political Power!—is today announced by its creator, Irwan Ambak, with a web site launched at http://1APP.my.


1APP is a social app that will enable anytime, anywhere, any-device access to information about Malaysia’s elected representatives & politicians including coverage on elections & candidates; on smart phones and also various other platforms. 1APP will also allow users to give votes for rankings, show likes in ratings, plus make remarks – contributing towards a targeted democratic platform of public opinion to shape local politics. 1APP ultimately aims to offer absolute political power – where ‘players’ plot & plan on who stands, wins or lose in polls.

To know more about the proposed features in 1APP, see the product preview presentation. 1APP is planned to be launched before the next Malaysia General Elections and is free to download for the public, with premium options to paying subscribers. In conjunction with this announcement, the public can now visit http://1APP.my for more information and sign up/get 1APP when available.


As Malaysia progresses with a growing base of eligible voting population in a constitutional democracy, its citizens aspire to make competent political decisions for the future of the country. Social media and mobile technologies offer dynamic information flexibility to facilitate freedom of choice made through informed decisions. Community-oriented interaction empowers the people, as an open option to complement controlled conventional communication channels. Hence, 1APP will give the Rakyat democratic responsibility and exert influence on politics as voters; an arena perhaps once perceived as the exclusive preserve of politicians. The power to shape public policies should not be left to elected representatives privately prioritizing political expediency; that right rests with the voters – who will shape the government they want, to serve the needs of the nation.

Irwan Ambak, creator of 1APP, expressing the app’s potential, says, “The Rakyat has a choice, not only to choose & elect who represents them, but also in what those representative do in representing them in the government. Though politicians may subscribe to party structures and make alliances in common pursuits, it does not absolve them of their primary duty to the people in their constituencies, if elected. With 1APP, the empowered voter can be made aware of the absolute political power they wield in their hands – and decide: to play, or be played.”


1APP™ is created by Irwan Ambak and operates as a social enterprise currently independently administered by IRWAN AMBAK BIN KHALID IZHAR. 1APP aims to integrate with official agencies & authorities such as the Election Commission of Malaysia (SPR-“Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia”), all political parties/coalitions, and, the media & press.


IRWAN AMBAK BIN KHALID IZHAR [002408460-D] is a registered business in advisory & consulting services owned by Irwan Ambak and based in Putrajaya, Malaysia. For more info relating to 1APP:
• Web: http://1APP.my
• Email: play@1APP.my
• Contact: 010-2662778



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