A Family Tree

The Ambak Family Tree is now available on Ancestry🔗 as an initial family tree for A Family Tree project managed by Irwan Ambak at aft.irwanambak.com.

Family Trees

The following Family Trees are currently available:

  1. Ambak Family Tree (status: work-in-progress)

Access the Family Trees above and related resources from the services listed below.


To view Family Trees, go to www.ancestry.com🔗 and sign in*.

The Ancestry App is also available (on Apple AppStore, Google play, etc.) as a free download.

*You can sign in with a guest account (see below) if you are a new Ancestry user or have not yet been invited to the family tree(s) by any other email/username.

Google Groups

To discuss Family Trees in this project, visit the Google group A Family Tree at http://groups.google.com/group/AFamilyTree🔗 and sign in**.

**You can sign in with a guest account (see below) if you are not yet a member of this group (you may need to sign out of any other Google accounts).

Access & Accounts

Note: This project is currently not available to the general public and is only accessible for approved individuals.
  • For access convenience, a guest account has been created for this project. The guest account: (i) allows viewing rights and adding comments on Ancestry; (ii) is a member of the Google group.
  • Advanced/existing users can also use their own accounts for access with additional rights/roles. However, initial access using the guest account is recommended to review the project prior to progressing in participation.


For more information on A Family Tree project please contact Irwan Ambak.


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